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Body and Facial Rejuvenate Treatments

Facial Royal Thai Si(90 mins. )

This treatment includes a deep cleasing of the skin; the application of a special mask or pack (according with the needs of the skin: minerals, collagen, ceramides, …), facial massage, decolletè and eyebrow hair removal). Paraffin wrap and hand massage are also part of the treatment, which is suitable for all skin type.

Deluxe Facial Treatment Against Wrinkles with Pearls and Diamond dust (60 mins.- 90 mins.)

This prestigious gold, diamond, pearls and caviar treatment is suitable for those who wants to rejuvenate the skin with the most valuable parts of nature. The luxory ingredients are eriche with vitamins A, C, E, collagen and elastin, red algae extract, vine, blueberries  and olive leale. The carefully selected ingredients renew the skin, moisturize and smooth the wrinkles. The skin of the face, neck and decolletè becomes smooth, supple, soft and luminous. In addition to a superficial and deep facial cleansing and application of two different masks, the program also includes a unique massage performer with rock crystal, that trans,it a large positive Energy, cleanse the skin, alleviate emotional feelings and  relax the nerves, cleanse the lympthatic system and help fight fatigue.

Facial Oxigen - Renewal of the Skin (60 mins.)

This Facial  Treatment with Oxygen and Fruits Acids is indicated for the complete renovation of the skin. The Oxygen stimulates cellular mechanisms, fruits acids renew the skin while Aloe Vera, Calendula and licorice calm the skin, leaving it smooth and hydrated, oxygenated, bright, fully renovated. With the care we avoid the clogging of the pores and appearance of acne substantially improving the effect of further treatments, in that allow a greater absorption of the components in the skin. After an initial surface clearing, is applied a fruit concentrate and oxygen acid for a complete renovation, it continues with a face massage and ends with the oxygen mask.

Anubis Facial Treatment " A' La Carte" (60 mins. - 90 mins.)

A unique facial treatment for the needs of individual skin. This treatment begins with an analysis of the skin which are chosen according to the most suitable products for your skin type. You can choose from several prestigious programs for face treatment: yogurt, collagen treatment, treatment with idroelastina, moisturizer,  for oily and impure, anti- stress and lifting treatment. After a treatment of 60 minutes the skin becomes visibly nourished and light, while a treatment of 90 minutes also includes a deep cleaning of the pores.

Body Care Deluxe with Gold, Pearls and Diamond Powder(70 mins.)

It’s a firming body treatment that combines the best ingredients with the best results. The diamond gold and pearl dust give your skin a valuable level of brightness and suppleness, while hydrating and relaxina treatment at the same time. The treatment includes a complete pearl body scrub, a gold mask and a gentle massage with gold and diamond dust.

Yogurt Therapy Renewal of the Body with Energy Massage (90 mins.)

Already in the ancient Greece, yogurt was used for treatment of face and body due to its beneficial effects, especially healing and moisturizing properties. Today the treatment with the yogurt iso ne of the main treatment and is inded for all types of skin . Lactose, with acid lactic, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins, as well as the clay are micronized components that reestablish the natural PH of the skin, cleanse and moisturize. Treatments with yoghurt give the skin a calm, velvet and soft aspect. The therapy follows a special massage with CHIO balls: the rolling of these balls cause internal vibrations that reach the energy canals and heals the spiritual status. As well as being a relaxina treatment, revitalizes and invigorates the whole body.

Fruit Therapy anti - aging Body Treatment with Vitamins (ACE) - (70 mins.)

The cocktail of vitamins A,C and E, kiwi, orange and lemon, prevents the skin from wrinkles and neutralises free radicals , protecting the skin from premature aging. The treatment improbe skin radiance, it’s recommended during the summer time when skin is exposed to the sun as it repairs damage  caused by radiation of the sun. It’s recommended to those who want to revitalize the spirit and raise the energy level. The pleasent fruit scent therapy refreshes thebody and help sto keep the skin firm; the program includes a salt and lemon bosy scrub, a vitami fruit mask, and a body massage  that improve the blood circulation, limph and energy. It stimulates the renewal of tissues and awakens the enrgy that is retine in the body.

Red Seaweed - Intensive Treatment for Cellulite (70 mins. )

This is a moisturizing treatment for cellulite body shaping with red algae. Contains a unique combination of iodine, content in red algae, caffeine, and forskolin, a Lipolimit factor which dissolves the nodes of f at and avoids the accumulation of f at.

Aroma Therapy - Treating the Body for deep relaxation (60 mins.)

The use of cosmetic oils for therapeutic purposes is known  from ancient history. The perfume of oils acts directly on the subconscious. Our therapist will help You to select the correct blend of oil and in accordance with Your requirements, will prepare a body scrub and a massage lotion; the entire treatment is a cure for the body for a deeply relax.

Ciocco Therapy- Hydratation Anti-stress to the Body (70 mins.)

This treatment stimulates the production of endorphins appealing and creates a feeling of joy, pleasure and wellbeing. It rejuvenates the skin and stimulates the senses, providing a comprehensive therapy of relax and anti-stress. Ciocco therapy is a very nourishing treatment and it has anti-radical properties  free, with a regenerating and remineralizing effects. With high vitamin content, provides a deep level of skin hydration, nourishment and regeneration.

Cold - Treating Cellulite and Water Retention (40 mins.)

Special ingredients of menthol and camphor have the action of vasoconstrictors, anti-cellulite, and calming. Treatment is recommended for water retention problems, fat accumulation, fatigue or circulatory problems. It 's also a perfect treatment for heavy legs and tired feeling. After a heavy pack with cold liquid you will also get a massage against heavy legs. This treatment will be specifically concentrate in the area of legs, buttocks and stomach.

Program for Firming Breast (40 mins.)

This program is a breast specific treatment. The effects of the applied products, combined with a proper massage, visibly improve the skin of the breast. It is recommended to perform five consecutive treatments.
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