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Thai therapists

Traditional Thai herbal treatments and Thai massage therapies are part of Thai history.  At “Thai Si”, you will be taken care of the same way a “Thai Noble” could ever have, for example Thai massage with special techniques offered only to “Supremacist” in the old days, plus treatments with Thai herbs and essential oils selected according to individual needs.

“Thai Si” also offers you  “East Meets West” fusion treatments for total health conscious.  And in our typical “Royal Thai” environment, together with our gifted Thai therapists, you will find this experience a memorable one.

Thai Si Massage (80 min. or 120 min.)

A combination of traditional Thai massage, and massage using oil and spheres. In addition to relaxing the body and increasing its flexibility, Thai Si massage improves overall well-being and helps establish a healthy mind within a healthy body. The treatment comprises a whole body massage, including face and scalp.

Traditional Thai Massage (50 min., 80 min. or 120 min.)

A strong, dry pressure massage combined with gentle stretching postures to improve vitality, and ease tension. By manipulating the acupressure points over the entire body, energy channels are opened up and the energy flow throughout the body improves. Essential oils are not used in this treatment and the client remains clothed.

Thai massage with selected aromatic oils (50 min. or 80 min.)

Relaxation of body and invigoration of the spirit, together with a restoration of the body energy balance. The natural essential oils add to the beneficent effect of the massage and deliver a general sensation of well-being.

Thai massage with warm herbs and oil (50 min. or 80 min.)

The application of warm herbs to the body helps improve blood circulation and alleviates various problems (i.e. rheumatic disorders, muscle and joint pains, as well as physical exhaustion), whereas the massage with oils restores skin tone and preserves youthful appearance of the skin.

Additional Herbal Compress (20 min.)

This is suitable after any of our body treatments to help ease the pain.

Hawaiian Massage (Lomi-Lomi) 50 min.

This massage reduces stress and deeply relaxes both body and spirit. This is a very harmonious massage, with alternating waves of strong and gentle pressures. The therapist uses elbows and forearms in order to deepen the pressure.

Lymphatic Body Massage with Aroma Therapy (50 min. or 80 min.)

With right essential oil from the choice of your therapist, the special massage technique movements which go along the lymph vessels help detoxify the body, reduce water retention and improve circulation.

Sports Massage (50 min. or 80 min)

A full body massage to relax aching muscles and soften the tissue after an exercise.  Pressure may be light or firm.

Anti-Stress Back and Should Massage (20 min. )

A dry pressure massage and oil massage which focuses on the motor points on the back and shoulders to relieve pain and tension.

Anti-Stress Face, Scalp and Décolleté Massage (20 min.)

This massage relieves stress through applying pressure to specific points on the scalp. It also promotes the reduction of wrinkles and improves the elasticity of the skin.

Thai Reflex Zone Feet Massage (40 min. )

A pressure point massage applied to zones on the feet to stimulate the body’s own healing and balancing process, relieve pain, reduce stress and improve circulation.

Thai Reflex Zone Feet & Hand Massage (50 min.

A pressure point massage applied to zones on the hands and feet to stimulate the body’s own healing and balancing process, relieve pain, reduce stress and improve circulation.

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