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Swimming Pool Turkish Bath &Jacuzzi Bath

Thai Si Spa wet zone
Thai Si Spa wet zone

Thai Si Spa wet zone is equipped with outdoor swimming pool with lake view and indoor Jacuzzi  and Turkish Bathwhich is able to accommodate 6 guests at one time. All services are reserved to adult customers.

 Our wet zone can be booked for:

  • Wet zone entry for 1 hour       
  • Wet zone entry for 2 hours       
  • Wet zone entry for 4 hours

Sit and relax in our Thai SI. The respiratory tract is cleansed, circulation stimulated, muscle tension relaxed, the skin becomes silky smooth and supple

Thai Si Tanning (60 min.)

Lie down and relax in Thai Si solarium for 13 minutes to have your skin with naturally tanning color. The body is prepared with a gentle exfoliation, then a tanning accelerating cream before the solarium process. And we end the treatment with an application of special cream to prolong the tanning.


Express Tanning - Solarium (5 min.)

This is suitable for someone who has not much time to spend on beauty,to lie in our solarium in a short period of time.

Slim Up – Appliance for Cellulite Reduction and Body Modelling (40 min.)

This method of treatment is based on electric muscle stimulation and an infrared ray source. Muscle contraction accelerates the burning of fats, while infrared rays increase the core body temperature thus encouraging microcirculation and promoting the metabolism of lipids. The result is a reduction in fat deposits and cellulite, as well as improved muscle tonus and skin firmness.

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