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The Thai Si Royal Thai Spa experience is like living a fairytale which begins with a mystical representation of the Thai ambience infused with the scent of essential oils, and followed by the beneficent touch of masters of traditional Thai massage.

Our staff, highly-qualified masseurs and masseuses specialised in Thai massage, have been trained at the most eminent institutes in Thailand: Wat Pho in Bangkok, as well as the Institute of Thai Massage and the Shivago Komarpaj Hospital in Chiang Mai.

A gentle smile and expert hands will make your body relax and reacquire its vital force, while a feeling of serenity and optimism will pervade your mind.

Leave the stress behind and treat yourself to a relaxing day! ... and your partner will receive a discount of 20%.

"Special offer cosmetic"

NAIL REFIL GEL  (1 ora  30 minutes)   €45,00  instead of €50,00

NAIL GEL TECNIQUE  (1 ora  30 minutes)   €55,00  instead of €60,00

SEMI PERMANENT NAIL POLISH (60 minutes)  €30,00  instead of €35,00

The above offers are not valid to purchase Gift Voucher
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