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Lovadina di Spresiano, May 24, 2013

It was the Thai Si Royal Thai Spa & Hotel in Lovadina of Spresiano (TV) on May 24th 2013 to host the event "Club Med Stopover Bangkok" organized by Club Med, in collaboration with Thai, the Thai Tourism Authority in partnership with Thai Si Royal Thai Spa & Hotel
At 7p.m., the best customers of the travel agencies, were "guests of honor" at the thai style cocktail party signed Club Med.
Evening’s theme was  the “ Premium All Inclusive Club Med “ relating to the stays in Phuket and Bali, embellished by custom stopover in Bangkok: the event was organized and conceived in an impeccable and impressive way, all the guests on their arrival, they were greeted receiving a pleasing and original tribute "thai orchid", in fact, for the occasion, the Thai Airways ordered the same orchids directly from Thailand that arrived the same day.
The marble staircase of the Thai Si Hotel, which saw off dozens and dozens of guests, was lit by aromatic candles and embellished with a special optical effect that reflected water on stones: the convivial meeting was followed by a tasting party with the the best and most refined Thai cuisine, the Thai Si Royal Thai Spa & Hotel has provided two masseuses organizing a corner of the club offering everybody an unforgettable " Sawadee Ka " .
The atmosphere was unique, the event was certainly one of the most prestigious and popular of spring 2013: Thai Si Royal Thai Spa & Hotel has proved, as always, to be a guarantee of success

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